The Best WordPress Table Plugins Ever!

The Best WordPress Table Plugins Ever!

Adding WordPress table plugins to your website will give you the ability to organize the information in an easy-to-view style.

Data presented in tables, not only improve the usability of your blog post but also help you to show it in a structured way.

If you are running a website for your business then you already know how WordPress tables can help you to showcase pricing for your products/services.

You can hard code HTML tables in WordPress visual editor but that is a tedious job.

WordPress is the one of the best CMS available in the market, unfortunately, it doesn’t provide the ability to add tables robustly.

Here come the WordPress table plugins into action. WordPress plugins are an essential part of the WordPress ecosystem which adds the extra functionality to WordPress core.

Below, we have tailored a list of best WordPress table plugins that provide the support of tables into WordPress. Some WordPress table plugins offer more than just adding tables into WordPress.

Let’s take a closer look.

Best Table Plugin for WordPress List

1. TablePress Free



TablePress is the far most popular WordPress table plugin on the WordPress repository with over 700,000 active installations. TablePress provides an intuitive interface to create tables in WordPress.

You can create a table using TablePress WordPress plugin from TablePress menu.

Simply click on Add New Table and you will be presented with a table creation page. Enter the table name and description along with the number of rows and columns you need.


TablePress - Create new tablepress table
TablePress – Create New TablePress Table


On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter data for each cell in a spreadsheet format.

There are plenty of options available within this plugin like formatting text.


TablePress - Add Data to TablePress Table
TablePress – Add Data to TablePress Table


After successfully creating a table you can display the table in your WordPress post or page via shortcode like this [table “id” not found /]

If you have a table already set up in other formats you can import the table from CSV, HTML, XSL and JSON format by uploading the table file.

  • Pagination for table
  • Import data from multiple formats like JSON, CSV, HTML and XSL
  • Searchable Data
  • Custom CSS formatting
  • Export created table in CSV, HTML and JSON formats
  • Easy to use
  • Not responsive (Need extra CSS to make it responsive)
  • Despite being easy to use its bit slow in term of speed
  • Limited in customization



2. wpDataTables Premium

wpDataTables - WordPress Table Plugin
wpDataTables – WordPress Table Plugin


wpDataTables is a premium plugin but it worth give a try. wpDataTables WordPress table plugin offers great features for the price you pay.

wpDataTables simplify the processing of creating a WordPress table and you don’t need to have HTML knowledge for this as everything is controlled from the settings panel.

Just like TablePress, wpDataTables also provide the functionality of importing tables from the different format. You can even add a MySQL query to generate table data which is super cool.

wpDataTables doesn’t provide the nice interface to create tables instead you jump to Add New section and then upload a table data file or enter a URL to the data file.

If you jump to Create a Table page, you will be provided to choose the data source of the table or enter manually.

wpDataTables - Create Table
wpDataTables – Create Table

On the next screen, you can define the number of rows and columns you want with their data types.

wpDataTables - Enter Data for Table
wpDataTables – Enter Data for Table

After entering the columns and rows information, you get two options to enter data into the table.

1. Open in Standard Editor

wpDataTables - Data Editor
wpDataTables – Data Editor

2. Open in Excel like Editor

wpDataTables - Excel Editor
wpDataTables – Excel Editor

After creating the table you can display table in posts or pages using the shortcode like [wpdatatable id=2].

  • Import data from differnt formats
  • Paste MySQL queries directly
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Custom CSS/JavaScript supported
  • Render charts from table data – Super Cool feature
  • Ordering table by a specific column
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Searchable by column or whole table
  • Copy table to clipboard
  • Table creation process is intimidating for new users
  • Not free, but worth the price


3. League Table Premium

League Table - WordPress Table Plugin
League Table – WordPress Table Plugin


League Table is another premium table plugin which is specifically developed for the sports websites as you can guess from its name.

League Table allows you to create WordPress tables which are responsive and sortable within your posts, pages and widget areas.

You can simply copy paste table data from a spreadsheet, no need to import the file. League Table provides an extra functionality for controlling your tables on mobile devices like hiding certain columns and images on smaller viewports.

It also supports multiple data types for sorting purpose like text, digits, currencies, URLs, date and time. You can choose which column should be sortable.

League Table’s table editor is simple enough for beginners. Just enter the table name, number of rows and columns you want and add the data into the table.

League Table - Create New Table
League Table – Create New Table

When you click on any of the cells. You will see the formatting options for that cell on the right-hand side.

League Table - Table Styling
League Table – Table Styling

You can then choose which column should be sortable. League Table provide the lots of options while sorting the tables.

League Table - Table Sorting
League Table – Table Sorting

When you finish creating your table, you can insert this table in post, page or widget area using the shortcode like [lt id=”2″].

  • Simple and easy data entry
  • Colours and Fonts customization
  • Responsiveness settings
  • Sortable by any column
  • Apply math formulas to cells
  • Import/Export feature to save tables in XML
  • Its fairly simple plugins as compared to wpDataTables


4. WordPress Dynamic Data Tables Premium

WordPress Dynamic Data Tables - WordPress Table Plugin
WordPress Dynamic Data Tables – WordPress Table Plugin


WordPress Dynamic Data Tables is a straightforward solution for creating tables in WordPress.

It provides a robust interface to import data from different data sources like:

  • MySQL Query
  • MySQL Query – Non WordPress Connection
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • ODS
  • XML

Upon selecting the desired data source, the plugin can intelligently import all the data related to a particular table file.

WordPress Dynamic Data Tables
WordPress Dynamic Data Tables

Imported data can be used to render charts, add sortable options and set the width on each column. This plugin is also compatible with the custom layout which is great for heavy data and complex layout website.

WordPress Dynamic Data Tables is a simple and straightforward solution for easy data import without hassle.

  • Support multiple data sources
  • Data pagination
  • Searchable and Sortable tables
  • Responsive tables
  • Rendering charts from a data table
  • No manual entry of data
  • Limited in term of customization


5. Ultimate Tables Free

ULTIMATE TABLES - WordPress Table Plugin
ULTIMATE TABLES – WordPress Table Plugin


Ultimate Tables is a Free plugin to add tables into WordPress website. It has over 10,000 active installations on the WordPress Repository. It can handle large datasets to render tables.

After installing this free plugin, you can create a new table from the Settings->Ultimate Tables page.

Ultimate Tables - Add new table
Ultimate Tables – Add New Table

After creating the table, it will show you a unique shortcode for the table and a Edit button to edit the table as shown in the above image.

Ultimate Tables - Table Options
Ultimate Tables – Table Options

Upon hitting the Edit button, a new page section will be displayed to enter table title and customize it. You can enter the table data on this page as well.

You can display the table by adding the shortcode into WordPress post and page. This plugin provides some pre-built styles preset to apply to a table.

  • Easy to use
  • Pagination
  • Searchable
  • Multiple Styling Presets
  • Lacks Import/Export functionality
  • Limited options for customization
  • Not Responsive


6. Table Maker Free

Table Maker - WordPress Table Plugin
Table Maker – WordPress Table Plugin


Table Maker WordPress plugin is a free WordPress table plugin which is great for any beginner user. It provides a nice and clean interface to create data tables right from the WordPress dashboard.

It got almost every option to create attracting WordPress table. It allows users to format table using customization options like header and colors.

You can add images in the tables using this plugin which makes this plugin one of the best Freely available plugin on WordPress repository.

After installing this plugin, you can jump to Table Maker section right from WordPress dashboard and click on Add New.

Table Maker - Add New Table
Table Maker – Add New Table

You will be redirected to Add Table pages where you can enter the table name and start adding table data right away.

Table Maker - Add New Table Data
Table Maker – Add New Table Data

This plugin also offers to import data from an XML or CSV file.

  • Choose preset colours
  • Align header text
  • Allows to add icons
  • Import XML/CSV files
  • Responsive Table
  • Fewer customization options as its Free
  • Suitable for only small datasets
  • No export option
  • Only ideal for comparison tables


Which WordPress Table Plugin is Better?

We have covered six plugins which are perfectly capable of adding tables into WordPress.

But which WordPress table plugin is best for you?

Here is how we would recommend above plugins based on the level of difficulty and your needs.

  • TablePress: If you want a free and simple WordPress table solution then this plugin is the one you need. It provides most of the features with an elegant interface. Great for beginners.
  • wpDataTables: If you have a complex dataset and have some money in your pocket, then go and buy this plugin. This WordPress table plugin will be the only one you need if you are importing data on regular basis and have some complex conditional formatting in your mind.
  • League Table: If you have a limited budget and still want some more advanced featured plugin then free plugins, get this one. wpDataTables is a better choice if you want a premium plugin which offers twice more features than this one.
  • WordPress Dynamic Data Tables: If you want to only import data and don’t want to manually enter then go for this one. As we said earlier, if you want to have a premium solution then wpDataTables is the best one.
  • Ultimate Tables: Got small dataset and want a nice interface this is ideal for you.
  • Table Maker: Same as Ultimate Tables, this plugin is good for small data and someone very basic technical knowledge.

Personally, we recommend using TablePress plugin which offers multi-format file import and fairly decent customizations. For any advance use go for wpDataTables.

Which WordPress table plugin you recommend or use? Please share with us in the comments below.

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